Town Topics: Mother’s Day is May 14. What is your mother’s best quality?

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Thursday, May 4, 2023

Noah Camargo  Student  Miami Lakes

     “She cares about me,” said Noah Camargo, 10. “When we go to soccer games, she always cheers for me.  She also cooks for us and she cooks really good meals.  I love [when she makes] ribs.”

Nicholas Camargo  Student  Miami Lakes

     “That she’s very nice,” said Nicholas Camargo, 8.  “She gets me things [I would like]."

Carlos Gonzalez  Retired Information Technology Systems Specialist Miami Lakes 

     “My mother was the strong backbone of my family,” Carlos Gonzalez said. “She taught me discipline, honesty and accountability. She took care of me and my grandkids. I am very grateful for my mother.”

Jose Caballero Retired Paint and Body Works Technician Miami Lakes 

     “My mother always kept her eye on us and always wanted to know where we were,” Jose Caballero said in Spanish. “When I was young, she would stand by the fence to watch where I was at and now that she’s passed, that’s the memory I have of her. There’s a moral to it, that when you were younger you didn’t want her there, but now you wish she was there.” 

Terry Kushi Retired Director of Information Technology Systems at Barry University Hialeah

“The love my aunt gave to me,” Terry Kushi said about the woman who raised him.