Town Topics: Mother's Day is May 8. Who is the mother figure you most admire?

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Thursday, May 5, 2022

Emilio Ruiz, Market outreach, training specialist, JetStream Federal Credit Union Miami Lakes 

      “Anyone who has this ability to be caring and nurturing and caring for everyone, it’s not necessarily in the form of a mother, but it can be a parent or a grandparent,” Emilio Ruiz said.  “[For me it was] my grandmother. The love that was being offered was unconditional so that’s how I view it.  [Even] when I was good or a little bit bad, grandma is on your team no matter what.”

Eloy Velazquez State Farm Insurance Representative Miami Lakes 

     “My mom, just to acknowledge she came to this country alone and pregnant, had me, she was the figure of the family,” Eloy Velazquez said.  “I wouldn’t be here, where I am at today, if it wasn’t for her.      Witnessing her struggles as I was growing up, being new to this country immersed in a new culture and despite all that, she was able to succeed.” 

Carolyn Cuevas Assistant Manager Value Store It Miami Lakes

     “My grandmother, she raised me and my sister when my mother passed away when I was eight years old,” Carolyn Cuevas said. “She had a big impact in my life.  She was a nurse, she [was] my role model to never give up and keep pushing every day [was something she taught me]."

Ernesto Soto  Town of Miami Lakes Programs Coordinator Miami Lakes 

     “I gotta go with my mom,” Ernesto Soto said. [She] raised my brother and I most of our lives and was a such a figure.  [A saying my mother had] was tell me who you hang out with, and I’ll tell you who you really are.  That was a huge thing for her [because] if you hang out with the wrong crowds you tend to do the wrong things. But if you hang out with the good people, that usually sticks to you as well.” 

Jennifer Sarcar Homemaker, Homeschooling parent West Kendall 

     “Growing up, my best friend’s mom, I think about her a lot,” Jennifer Sarcar said.  “She was a lot like a mom to me, she was just really caring and [I recall] I was in a private school and there was a long line to get into the school and she would say, ‘Come sit in the car with us.’ I spent a lot of time with her and her family.  I think about her a lot, and I think what she would do in this situation. She was so generous and present, and that’s really what I take with me,” she said.