Town Topics: What dish do you most enjoy at Thanksgiving dinner?

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Thursday, November 17, 2022

Carlos O. Alvarez  Miami Lakes Councilman, High School Principal  Miami Lakes

    “Fried turkey, I fry the turkey,” Carlos O. Alvarez said.  “Always my favorite. I love how it puts me in a food coma shortly after.  I’ve kind of almost mastered it. I love frying our turkey.  The treasurer at the school makes a green bean casserole to die for. Those are my two favorites.”

Miranda Lunsford  Home-school student  Miami Lakes

    “Just bread, I don’t like anything [at Thanksgiving],” Miranda Lunsford, 6, said. “I like [Thanksgiving] candy and fruit and cake.”  

Julian Lunsford  Home-school student   Miami Lakes

    “I don’t really like anything at Thanksgiving, I just eat the bread,” Julian Lunsford, 8, said.  “[I like] mac and cheese a little bit.” 

Sam Reed  Home-school student  Doral

    “I’m a vegetarian, [and] I want to get rid of Thanksgiving,” Sam Reed, 8, said.  “I don’t like the turkey [dying]. I [do] drink milk.”

Anjoli Gallo  Home-school Parent  Hialeah

    “I love corn and I’m not the one that makes it, my husband does,” Anjoli Gallo said.  “It’s [made] in a slow cooker so it’s a dish with cheese and a white sauce. I do like the cranberry in the can [too].  All the other stuff I love homemade, but there is something about that canned cranberry. I love it.” 

Alexandra Herrera interviewed and photographed our Town Topics talkers. We thank you all!