B. Goleman Swampshifters heading to Nationals

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B. Goleman Swampshifters heading to Nationals
The Swampshifters are a group of young and innovative students from freshmen to seniors representing Barbara Goleman Senior High School’s (BGSH) Robotic STEM Club.
These students come from diversified cultural and ethnic backgrounds, possess a grade point average of 3.65, are in several advanced placement classes and actively participate two to three days a week in this club. Their quench for knowledge and educational growth is insatiable.
They continuously visit the internet to learn more about the fast-paced and changing world of technology. These students are involved in public speaking, elevator-pitch activities, business writing, community outreach activities, data-driven projects, graphic designs and the engineering of remote control on 1/10 scale cars.
Given their educational achievements, these remarkable students have had the opportunity to participate in several Ten80 Education competitions such as Homestead Speedway on December 23 where they placed third overall and second in racing. RoboSlam at the Dade County Youth Fair on January 12 where they placed third overall and second in racing at Terra High School on February 23 where they placed second overall, second in graphic design, second in enterprise and first in racing.
On March 19, the Swampshifters will be competing in the South Florida Championship Event at Homestead Speedway. Due to these remarkable accomplishments, this group of dedicated students was able to qualify for Nationals, which will be held at Texas A&M University located in College Station, Texas on April 26 and 27.
Needless to say BGSH and team sponsor, Orlando Barreda, are very proud of these students. They continue to support and motivate them in their scholastic endeavors.
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