PACE excels at Life

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PACE excels at Life
For almost 30 years, Monsignor Edward Pace High school (PACE) has been setting the standard in Catholic education through their campus ministry engagement. This summer, PACE continued the tradition of sending eight of their youth group members to the national Marianist LIFE leadership training in Tecaboca, Texas.
The team spent a week learning to build community, reflecting upon their personal experiences, and preparing consciously to extend the richness of Christ within their lives.
LIFE leader alumna and current staff member Melissa Sanchez led the students in the faith-growing experience as the facilitator of the team.
"It was a blessing to be able to see our students truly open their hearts and minds to this experience. I am so proud of the commitment and willingness they have put into their training to be able to carry it back to their role as student leaders within our Pace family." said Sanchez
The LIFE youth group program at PACE provides students with opportunities to grow in their faith throughout student-led weekly meetings. PACE is one of the only Archdiocesan schools to incorporate a youth group that is consistently committed to their campus ministry. As a focal point in the school's curriculum, Pace's religion department is highly acclaimed due to its engagement with students.
"LIFE camp is an experience I wish everyone could experience. In just a week I grew closer to my team, got to know amazing new people, and grew deeper in my faith" said senior Annalyse Sanchez.
Through small and large group discussions, prayer/ ministry workshops and, of course, fun summer activities like kayaking, students focused on reflection and progression of faith. To strengthen their experience, the leaders were disconnected from all media and communication for the week.
Miami Lakes resident Kaylee Gonzalez elaborated, "It was an incredibly insightful and calm experience. One that allowed me to disconnect with the noise I'm constantly drowned in and connect with the many people I was fortunate enough to cross paths with. It has strengthened my sense of Christian community and inspired me to spread what I have learned. It was a truly memorable experience"
The leaders' encounter with the eclectic environment impacted them profoundly. Senior Sebastiaan Bak reflects on the camp's powerful diversity,
"My LIFE camp experience was definitely one for the books. From the first day, I was welcomed by so many nice strangers. But these strangers became my second family. My new family came from Hawaii, California, Texas, and Florida. I wouldn't trade anything for this experience, and I am so excited to be a LIFE leader and to see what will be able to do using what we learned."
The Marianist LIFE leadership training is a tradition that commemorates the bond and growth of a Pace youth group leader. This year's leaders were deeply impacted by their time spent in Texas. As they concluded their training, the students were asked to come up with a mission statement that would embody their true purpose as LIFE youth group leaders for the upcoming school year.
As they take upon their new roles, the PACE LIFE leaders will affirm their mission to build Christian communities through creating unique, faith-filled experiences for the Pace student body, along with striving to inspire others to always do the next right thing.
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