Safari LTD marks new eco-friendly toy partnership

Monday, July 8, 2019 0 Comments

Safari LTD marks new eco-friendly toy partnership
Safari LTD (Safari) located at 5960 Miami Lakes Drive recently announced ar new partnership with international toy brand, BiOBUDDi. Safari is a family owned toy company since 1982. Their motto has always been to provide children with toys that teach.
BiOBUDDi is a Netherlands based company that uses a natural compound that is highly bio-based so that each building block is safe for children and the environment. Partnering with BiOBUDDi was a no-brainer for Safari. Since BiOBUDDi is the world’s first and best selling environmentally friendly building blocks for children, Safari knew this was something they wanted to be a part of.
BiOBUDDi created these eco-friendly building blocks so that children can not only imagine a better world, but so they can build one. Just like other building block toys, these offer a similar look and feel but they are much better for the environment.
These are the first eco-friendly blocks to hit the USA. It is a step in the right direction to have eco-friendly toys that help the environment and could possibly lead other toy companies to make their toys differently.
“We’ve always seen the environment as part of Safari’s story. Our company is about appreciating and learning about animals and the natural world they inhabit with the ultimate goal of preserving it for generations to come. We’re thrilled to team up with BiOBUDDi, which is advocating for the same cause and brining their brand to the USA as our partner.” said Alexandre Pariente, CEO of Safari.
The new building blocks are now available. For more information on this new partnership or to purchase the blocks visit
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