Jenny Espinosa opens Miami Lakes private school center

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Jenny Espinosa opens Miami Lakes private school center

Tutor Me Private School K-6 located at 6500 Cow Pen Road Suite 201 in Miami Lakes was launched by local resident, Jenny Espinosa, to serve the community. A former teacher who earned her specialist degree in early childhood education and is Director Credential Certified through the Florida Department of Children and Families, Jenny saw a need and sought to fill it. 

“I wanted to provide a unique school setting where the students can advance beyond their grade level,” said Espinosa. “Classrooms are usually filed with 40 students for every one teacher, so the students who need special attention usually fall and stay behind. I wanted to offer something different.” 

The classrooms at Tutor Me Private School K-6 have a maximum of 10 students per classroom, something that won’t be changing no matter how much the school expands.

“We will add more teachers for each grade level as we grow, but classrooms will always be kept small,” said Espinosa.   

This isn’t Espinosa’s first educational rodeo. She has founded, launched and sold a number of private schools, tutoring centers and daycare centers over the last 25 years. Her students attend schools like Archbishop McCarthy, Monsignor Pace, Jose Marti MAST 6-12, and Mater Lakes Academy following graduation from her program, some of them have moved on to secondary institutions and skipped a grade level.  

Another unique aspect of Espinosa’s school is the absence of homework completed at home.  

“By the time the students are picked up by their parents they’re tired, they want to rest and have downtime, just like their parents do,” said Espinosa. “I found that it’s better to have homework assignments completed in the after school program before they’re picked up. This way their teachers can help them really understand the material.” 

Despite the unique aspects of the school, Espinosa does follow the Miami-Dade County Public School System’s curriculum for each grade level and all students take their Florida Standards Assessment test. The secret ingredient to Espinosa’s curriculum is concentrated and improved face-time with certified, bilingual teachers. She also tries to tailor the classroom learning, since the classrooms are so small, to target each child’s preferred way of learning, may it be visual, audio, or kinetic.   

Tutor Me Private School K-6 is open from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with grade levels following the same bell and holiday schedules as public schools and including after school tutoring time. In addition to core classes, electives like computer, Spanish and music classes are offered, as is recess time.  

Registration will be open until classes begin in August. Organizations like Step Up and the  McKay Scholarship Program are accepted and assist parents with the tuition for the school. Registration is free.  

For more information, email or call 305-846-9682. Visit the website  

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