Main Street Players present Silencio on September 8-9

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Main Street Players present Silencio on September 8-9


Main Street Players (MSP) located at 6766 Main Street, along with Proyecto Teatral “Las Mercedes,” will present Silencio, an original play written and directed by Alejandro Milián. This docudrama, based on stories of real experiences of Latino immigrants, gives a voice to the silenced. 

It will be an interactive visual and musical experience where the daily lives of immigrants and the actors’ own vision come together. The audience will see beyond what they hear on the news in a space where they will find the purest and most beautiful feeling, the truth, told through 10 stories. 

The show will include projections showing the challenges of traveling to North America in search of a better life. Although the presentation is entirely in Spanish, the essence of the characters has been captured, and their individual experiences, will be paraphrased in English throughout the presentation. 

The cast of Silencio includes:

Karina Dominguez will be playing La Madre (The Mother),

Maray Padrosa will be playing La Hija (The Daughter),

Clara Lyzniak will be playing La Abuela (The Grandmother),

Grettel Perez Mesa will be playing El Teatro (The Theatre),

Salome Muriel will be playing Los Angeles (The Angels),

Cherry Prato will be playing La Amiga (The Friend),

Andrea Igliozzi will be playing Sin Nombre (No Name),

Glenda Gwen Bakit Diaz will be playing Cantante (Singer),

Junior Galindo will be playing El Padre (The Friend).

Show dates are Saturday, September 8 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, September 9 at 5 p.m. All tickets are $20, and can be reserved online at Funds raised will be donated to children who will cross the border alone, and the performance will be dedicated to the work of His House Children’s Home. For further information, call Clara Lyzniak at (305) 606-4391.


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