Castroman siblings oppose each other in softball match

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 0 Comments

Castroman siblings oppose each other in softball match

For the first time in their young athletic careers, Alexis and Erika Castroman found themselves on opposing teams as St. Thomas University and A.S.A. College clashed in a memorable softball match-up featuring the now sibling rivalry.

Last month, Alexis Castroman, a senior at St. Thomas University, who has played her whole collegiate career there, faced off against her sister Erika Castroman, a freshmen at A.S.A. College.

The Bobcats prevailed to victory.

The sisters grew up playing playing softball for the Optimist Club of Miami Lakes.

“This a dream come true for all of us,” said Alex Castroman, who coached both of his daughters who played on recreation travel teams for the Optimist Club.

“It was an awesome sight to see both of your daughters playing college ball on the same diamond. It was an once in a lifetime experience needless to say.”

Castroman said family and friends attended the game, which was held at Bobcats Field, to support both sisters.

“Although the Bobcats won the game, for us there were no losers,” said their mother Ivette Castroman. “They were both winners in our hearts. We have truly been blessed.”

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