Report on actions taken at Town Council regular meeting

Community Wednesday, October 16, 2013

  To help save applicants and residents money for a zoning appeal through the courts, the Town of Miami Lakes is sponsoring an ordinance that calls for the Town Council to review the decisions but only by a super majority vote. Vice Mayor Manny Cid made the recommendation at the October 8 regular Town Council meeting, saying it’s too expensive and cumbersome for the applicants’ appeals to be handled  by the courts after...

Message from WASD: Keeping things crystal clear

Community By Jennifer Messemer M-D Water & Sewer Dept., Special to The Miami Laker Wednesday, October 16, 2013

  Living in South Florida, we’re surrounded by water, but only a limited amount is drinkable. The Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department’s (WASD) staff works around the clock to deliver high-qualify drinking water that meets or exceeds local, state and federal requirements, as well as the reliable sewer services you use every day. Just as cars, roads, bridges and even your body wear down due to age and stress, so do the more...

Council honors Myriam Nieves as Officer of the Quarter

Government Wednesday, October 16, 2013

  Miami Lakes Police Officer Myriam Nieves was named Officer of the Quarter during the October 8 Town Council meeting. She was honored for her passion for investigations, astute powers of observation, and diligent efforts in apprehending several criminal subjects. “We are very happy to have her in our community and happy to count on her as being one of our own,” said then-Mayor Ceasar Mestre. Joining in the presentation were...

Station Scene: Texting and driving now illegal

Community By Cristina Armand, Special to the Laker Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Texting and Driving is Now Illegal in Florida. Distracted driving has happened to all of us. It can range from reading a text message while stopped at a red light, to trying to eat lunch on the go between meetings. Today, more than ever, there are many ways one can get distracted while on the road. We live in a world where we are expected to always be available and get back to people immediately. Many people cannot disconnect while behind...

Council approves final budget keeping low tax rate

Community By David L. Snelling, The Miami Laker staff Friday, October 4, 2013

  Lawmakers for the Town of Miami Lakes gave their final approval for keeping the same rate for property taxes for 2013-2014 and adopted a $15.3 million budget to upgrade public works projects and beautification, and focus more on education after councilmembers learned two perennial A schools could be in jeopardy of losing their mark and state funding.  At last week’s final budget hearing, councilmembers unanimously approved...
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