Aguirre-Fernandez among top 1 percent of mortgage originators

Business By David L. Snelling, Reporter Thursday, September 30, 2021

      Nancy Aguirre-Fernandez, sales manager for Fairway Independent Mortage Corporation’s office in Miami Lakes, is in good company: She was voted among the Top 1 percent of mortgage originators in the country for 2020 by Mortgage Executive Magazine.

     The local office for the national firm that is based in Wisconsin is at 8100 Oak Lane, in the Andrew Jackson building on the Governors Square campus. 

     Aguirre-Fernandez, 34, a town resident for the past 16 years, said she was surprised to receive the recognition “because we have so much talent on our team and within the company. 

     “We are constantly working and inspiring each other to do well,” she said.

     Raised in Chicago, Aguirre-Fernandez moved to Miami to attend Florida International University

     She said she left college early to seek employment and ended up at a local mortgage firm.

     At Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation for nearly four years, she previously worked for Cornerstone Home Lending Company.

     “It’s a profession where you can help people accomplish their dreams, and that for them is to own their own homes,” she said.

     The company will guide aspiring homeowners toward good credit as well as saving plans if they don’t have enough money for a down payment or closing costs.

     “As a child, you never say you want to become a loan officer,” she said.  “You can either love it or hate it,” she said. 

     “I love it and I’m dedicated to it,” she said.

     Aguirre-Fernandez’s team prides itself on helping first-time home buyers.

     They include client specialist Katherine Zafra, loan officer Robert Rodriguez and loan coordinator 

Lissette Duran.

     Aguirre-Fernandez said the company has a department devoted to helping people improve their credit scores.  Her team helped 115 families buy houses in 2020 and about 80 buyers get their first residences so far this year, she said.

     “You see kids crying and families are so happy that they accomplished their dreams,” she said when buyers receive their house keys.

     Aguirre-Fernandez’s husband, Juan C. Fernandez, a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty 

Miami Lakes, said the couple’s careers go hand-in-hand.

     “I am so proud of her and her work,” Fernandez said. “She established herself in Miami Lakes.

     “And speaking as a real estate agent, she helps Realtors, and their clients by finding financing to 

purchase homes,” he said.

    Married since 2009, the couple have three children: Nicolas Fernandez, 10; Sabella Hernandez, 9 and Camilla Fernandez, 2.