Blasting Advisory Board visits officials in Tallahassee

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Monday, December 18, 2023

     The Town of Miami Lakes Blasting Advisory Board traveled to Tallahassee November 14-15 to meet with elected officials in advance of the next legislative session. 

      The board advocates on behalf of property owners to try and get mining businesses west of town to lower the intensity of explosions at rock quarries west of the town. The board says the level of vibrations cause damage to residents’ homes, pools and other structures. 

      During their trip, the group met Fla. Rep. Tom Fabricio, R-Miami Lakes, as well as Julie Jones, state  deputy chief financial officer and John Gatlin, assistant director in the State Fire Marshal’s office, board chair Miguel Martinez wrote in an email. 

     In October, Fabricio introduced House Bill 245 (2024), the fourth bill he has sponsored regarding blasting. It would require blasting levels to be lowered if the mines are within a mile of residential areas. 

      Martinez and the board also met with Regulatory Reform & Economic Development Subcommittee Chair, Fla. Rep. Tyler Sirois, R-Merritt Island. That committee will hear the bill. 

    Shown above from left are Blasting Advisory Board Chair Miguel Martinez; Steven Herzberg, board secretary; Fla. Rep. Tom Fabricio, R-Miami Lakes; John Estrella, board member and Blasting Advisory Board Vice Chair Rodolfo Blanco.