Miami Lakes Athletic Club members, staff support autism program

Education By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The Miami Lakes Athletic Club presented a $500 check to the HDS Foundation in May. HDS Foundation in Miami Lakes provides mentoring services to teens and young adults who have autism-related disabilities. The fitness center sold scrunchies, pens, wristbands and hair ties at the front desk and also hosted a Zumbathon, where athletes donated $10 to participate, to raise money. 

Elizabeth Falk, HDS Foundation program manager, said the foundation picked different days and classes to promote the foundation and spread awareness. 

“We would have a table outside before class started and collected donations,” Falk wrote. Shown in the photo from left: Meagan Bouscher-Miranda, HDS Foundation board member; Elizabeth Falk, HDS Foundation program manager; Valeska Pella, Miami Lakes Athletic Club administrative assistant; Andrea Gil, Miami Lakes Athletic Club personal training/fitness manager and Annette Prior Perez, assistant general manager at the Miami Lakes Athletic Club.

For more information on HDS or how to support them visit Photo provided by the Miami Lakes Athletic Club.