Miami Lakes joins two cities in beta testing of technology for municipal traffic counting

Community Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Town of Miami Lakes, along with the cities of Boston and San Francisco, will be beta testing a new technology in traffic counting.

Historically, it has been costly, difficult and time-consuming to receive traffic data.This device will provide the town with valuable data used by transportation engineers to help create livable streets.

The town will now be able to work effectively with transportation agencies, property developers/owners, and others who are engaged in making decisions about transportation.By creating open-data, the town can increase governmental transparency and provide constituents with the essential data needed to advocate for rational and necessary improvements to the design, maintenance, and policy of transportation systems.

"Nancy Gibbs, Time Magazine’s new managing editor, recently wrote: ‘We are living through the most immense transfer of power from institutions to individuals in history. Technology has picked the locks of power.’ This is exactly what the traffic counter is all about, empowering people,” said Vice Mayor Manny Cid.