MLK-8 Teacher treats achievers to dinner at Shula’s Steak 2

Education Thursday, September 2, 2021

Language Arts Teacher Virnalis Arvelo treated eighth grade students from Miami Lakes K-8 Center to dinner at Shula’s Steak 2 on Aug. 6 to celebrate their results on the Florida Standards Assessments.

Some students received a perfect 10 score in writing, some earned a 5 in the English Language Arts exam, and others scored both of those grades, Arvelo said.

The group had the best FSA scores out of all eighth graders in the school, according to Arvelo.

“During what seemed like an impossible year, this eighth grade class taught me that all things are pos- sible with determination, motivation, and hard work,” Arvelo said. “This group in particular is amazing!”

Shown above, left to right are Teacher Virnalis Arvelo and students Kaylle Perez; Sophia Mora; Haley Gonzalez; Emily Dashtaki; Emma Sotero-Sullivan; Sheldon Gunness; Justin Correa; Lesley Sanchez; Matthew Hernandez and Bryan Garcia. Not pictured are Sofia Gonzalez; Krystin Paguada and Melissa Rodriguez.

Miami Lakes K-8 Center is at 14250 NW 67th Ave. in Miami Lakes. Photo courtesy of Virnalis Arvelo.

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