Pets of Miami Lakes

Community By Linda Trischitta, Editor Wednesday, April 13, 2022

      Let’s meet Matteo!

       Matteo is an 11-month-old mini-Goldendoodle who lives with Dr. Lysette Iglesias and her sons, Derek Carrasco, 11, and David Carrasco, 12, in the Silvercrest North community in Miami Lakes.

        Matteo came to the family from a rescue organization and had a case of kennel cough when he arrived home, Iglesias said.

        After getting treatment from a veterinarian, Matteo regained his appetite, “and let me tell you, he was a different dog!” she said.

        Her pet has grown up to 16 pounds and is “very social,” she said. He also is very playful with her sons.

        “He pulls at the boys’ pants, and when they go to take a shower, he steals the clean clothes.”

        But Matteo knows who runs the household, and with Iglesias it’s a different story.

        “He pretends to be a little angel with me,” she said.

          Photo by Lysette Iglesias.

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