Pets of Miami Lakes

Community Thursday, April 1, 2021

Meet Yoda! Like the “Star Wars” character he’s named for, Yoda is an 11-year-old Pug who is “pretty smart,” says owner Jacqueline Sheesley of Miami Lakes.

Yoda is also adventurous: He likes to go camping and boating in the Atlantic Ocean, as long as he can be with his family.

“He’ll go wherever we go, and do whatever we do,” she said.

Yoda would rather lie down than sit, so that he may receive belly rubs from Jacqueline and her husband Eric Sheesley.

He also likes to play with their kids, Kayla Padilla, 19; Kyra Albury, 17, Jael Albury, 16, and Genesis Doleo, 12.

Photo courtesy of Jacqueline Sheesley.

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