Police: Prevent theft, follow the 9 p.m. routine

Community By Linda Trischitta, Editor Wednesday, July 20, 2022

     Miami-Dade Police are urging Miami Lakers to follow the “9 p.m. routine” after two residents in the gated Satori community reported suspects broke into vehicles and stole property, including a gun.

      Video in a WSVN-Ch.7 report showed people dressed in black running from driveway to driveway, testing car door handles.

     “[Burglars] attempted to see if several more vehicles were unlocked in order to gain entry and take whatever was inside,” Miami-Dade Police Maj. Javier Ruiz said on July 11. 

     The burglaries happened the weekend of July 9.

      The 9 p.m. routine refers to a national crime prevention program begun several years ago that advises property owners to lock up their vehicles before going to bed.

     Theft prevention also includes removing all valuables, especially weapons that could be used in a crime.

     Cell phones, laptops, credit cards and cash, and even expensive items like sunglasses can be attractive to thieves.