Town Topics: Do you feel safe driving in South Florida?

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Thursday, February 29, 2024

Anushay Malik  Events specialist, Miami Dade College Hialeah Campus,  Miami Gardens

“Yes, I do [feel safe],” Anushay Malik said.  “Honking a couple of times, but nothing else. I feel safe.” 

Johana Hernandez Client Advisor Seacoast Bank, Hialeah 

     “I do not, not at all,” Johana Hernandez said.  “[I just had] my second accident and it was not my fault. People are driving like crazy, like they don’t even care anymore.” 

Bryan Morera  Lawyer, Miami Lakes 

     “I generally tend to feel safe because I have good reaction time,” Bryan Morera said. “I have also noticed that lately there is an uptick in people just being in too much of a rush, people being on their phones a lot and distracted. ... blocking intersections at a red light and it’s gotten intrusive at this point. I’m very much looking forward to that [new traffic] light at Northwest 154th [Street and Northwest 79th Court].” 

Elizabeth Llibre Salon manager, LMG Mane, Miami Lakes

     “I think that we have a lot of extra people around town now and the added traffic has added to the crazy aggression,” Elizabeth Llibre said. “Maybe it’s [the] new people who aren’t used to driving down here.” 

Mirelis Castilla  Lawyer, Miami Lakes

     “I am thankful that I get to not only live in Miami Lakes, but also work here,” Mirelis Castilla wrote in an email. “As such, I feel safe driving around Miami Lakes. However, as soon as I do leave Miami Lakes, I find that more than aggressive drivers, there are so many distracted drivers out on the road. Many times, I observe drivers interacting with their phones as they drive, and this poses such a great risk to everyone that is on the road. The other issue I have been seeing is an influx of mopeds/scooters as a mode of transportation and this is impacting Miami road safety in many ways.”

Alexandra Herrera interviewed and photographed our Town Topics talkers with the exception of Bryan Morera and Mirelis Castilla, who provided their photos.  We thank you all!