Town Topics: Should children ages 5 - 11 be inoculated?

Community By Ana Demendoza, Reporter Friday, November 19, 2021

Kenya Granizo, Davie, Office Worker

     “Kids should get it because they are just as capable at getting sick as an adult and they need to be more protected because they are kids,” Kenya Granizo said. 

     “As adults, we have to be the ones that protect them, and they get vaccines for any other thing. Nothing is going to be different about this one,” she said.

Manny Alfaro, Doral, Client Care Coordinator

    “I would say yes,” Manny Alfaro said. “I think the more people get vaccinated, the better. It keeps everybody safe from all ages and the science is all there. It’s just a matter of following it. And in doing so, you’ll be keeping everyone around you safe, your friends and your family safe.”

Tamara Wilson, Miramar, Nurse 

    “I think they should,” Tamara Wilson said. “I think it is safe. I’ve seen a lot of people, young adults too, die with COVID and I haven’t seen a lot who are vaccinated who are dying with the COVID. We need to learn to trust science.”

Yasmi Palenzuela, Hialeah Gardens, Art Teacher

    “If it were my children and they were that age, I wouldn’t get them vaccinated, definitely not,” Yasmi Palenzuela said.  “My children have always been very healthy. And I don’t believe in the flu vaccine. I’ve never gotten them the flu vaccine. Because I believe that their bodies need to learn how to respond to a virus."

Nydia Rivera, Miami Lakes, Science Teacher

    “I’m not sure if I agree or not,” Nydia Rivera said.  “I think the parents are the ones that need to make that decision because this is a vaccine that has not been tested with children, at least from what I know. As a teacher, I would tell you hopefully they all get vaccinated to avoid more people dying. But at what point are they vaccinating children, without knowing what are the side effects in the life of a child?”