Town Topics: The Paris Olympics begin July 26. Which sports do you most want to see?

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Thursday, June 20, 2024

Anthony Artiles  General Manager, Miami Lakes Athletic Club  Doral

     “I am looking forward to Men’s Basketball in the Olympics,” Anthony Artiles wrote in an email.  “Since basketball has become such a global sport now, the competitiveness and talent of international teams has truly developed like never before.”  

Rigoberto Leal  Owner, Kid’s Choice Learning Center  Miami Lakes 

     “I am looking forward to Track and Field and for some reason this year, I really want to see the Women’s Basketball,” Rigoberto Leal said. “I think Caitlin Clark has done an amazing job. Unfortunately I don’t think she’s going to be on the team, but I think it’s something that’s going to pique my interest.” 

Amanda Saltiel-Montilla Owner, My Gym Miami Lakes Miami Lakes 

     “I’m looking forward to [and] my team is looking forward to gymnastics, because it’s part of what we do,” Amanda Saltiel-Montilla said. “It’s our base program to get the kids started in their love for gymnastics. ... It motivates them to continue on.” 

Anne Marie Little Vice President, Property Management, Commercial  The Graham Companies Miami Lakes 

     “Swimming, there’s [Katie Ledecky], she’s totally cool,” Anne Marie Little said. “I hear some of the events [Marathon and Triathlon] are going to take place in the Seine River.” 

Miguel Molina Co-Owner, Movement Lab Miami Lakes

     “The [athletes from the] biggest sports that we train here [are the] NFL and NBA,” Miguel Molina said.  “So for us watching the basketball guys would be the most interesting. We also have a few track people, so the [Track & Field] events. Basketball and track events are the top.”