Town Topics: What are some of your favorite things to do in Miami Lakes?

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Bryan Morera Lawyer Miami Lakes

    “I love going around the Main Street area, especially some of the new establishments like Chela’s [Beer Garden]; La Strega [Cucina Italiana & Steakhouse] and Korner 67,” Bryan Morera said.  “Those places have added new life to the Main Street area. I’d love to see more of that. Also, the newly renovated movie theater, just being in that area and enjoying some of that nightlife. I was very excited for the new movie theater, I remember the condition it was in before.” 

Adrian Florido Firefighter Pembroke Pines

     “Go to the parks, they keep it really well dressed and taken care of,” Adrian Florido said.  “There’s a lot of trees and shading, [my son] enjoys it and so do I.  We go to Main Street [as well] to the theater, restaurants and shops."

Danny Galeano Registered Nurse Hialeah

     “I would say go to the bars Chela’s [Beer Garden] and Korner 67,” Danny Galeano said. “I’ll have to check out [The Garrison].  The parks [as well], a couple of months ago there was a food truck and movies [in the parks] that was pretty cool."

Josh Dieguez Miami Lakes Councilman Miami Lakes

     “I enjoy walking or bicycling around the town on the weekends,” Josh Dieguez said.  “You get to appreciate how quiet the town is and enjoy the scenery.  As a councilman, it’s also an opportunity to see conditions ‘on the ground’ to improve beautification efforts and walkability."

Maria Salazar Wellness Coach Miramar

     “I’ve come to [Veterans Park], my kids have been here since they were probably crawling age,” Maria Salazar said.  “I love the open space, I love how safe we feel.  I love that there is a group of kids and there is always families in the area."