Town Topics: What are your plans for Spring Break?

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Friday, March 3, 2023

Jessica Medina Commercial Lender, U.S. Century Bank, Miami Lakes

     “I am going on a cruise, we’re going on Royal Caribbean to the Bahamas and their private island,” Jessica Medina said.  “[It’s a] five-day cruise, it’s the family, the grandparents, aunts and uncles and everyone. 

     [It’s] a little break before summer.” 

Romy Portuondo Remior Financial Sales, Secretary, Miami Lakes Economic Development Committee Miami Lakes 

     “No plans for spring break, we’ll probably enjoy the fact that restaurants around town will be emptier because people are going out of town,” Romy Portuondo Remior said.  “We’re going to take advantage of the fact everyone else is out of town." 

Yaset Fernandez Principal, Miami Lakes Educational Center, Miami Springs 

     “For spring break I plan on hitting the water on my [28 foot] Whitewater [boat] with my son Sebastian,” Yaset Fernandez said.

Melisa Aponte Commercial Realtor, The Keyes Company, Hialeah Gardens

    “Hopefully rest,” Melisa Aponte said. “I hope no plans. I would really like to rest. That’s about it.” 

Darrien Baltodano  Homeschool student, Sweetwater

    “My only plans are to spend it with the ones that are closest to me, I never really had any set plans,” Darrien Baltodano, 14, said.  “[I’m planning to] work out too.”