Town Topics: What dish will you bring to Thanksgiving?

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Friday, November 17, 2023

Stefan Valdes Co-Owner, The Movement Lab Miami Lakes

     “I’m bringing wine, because it’s time to let loose and enjoy yourself,” Stefan Valdes said. “I’m in charge of [it].”

Dallas Gory  Retired real estate agent and mortgage broker; Vice President, The Zonta Club of Miami Lakes Miami Lakes

     “I normally do a baked ham that has pineapple and syrup, and a sweet potato casserole,” Dallas Gory said. 

Patrick Rivera Managing Partner, Bolay Miami Lakes, Miami Gardens 

     “It’s a lentil meatloaf, I’m plant based,” Patrick Rivera said. “I always have to bring my own food because there’s always meat [at the parties].”

Jazmin Diaz  Owner Nailing the Blowout Miami Lakes

     “I’m hosting for Thanksgiving, and we do an Americanized slash Hispanic Thanksgiving,” Jazmin Diaz said.   “So I’ll be doing the black beans and the turkey.”  

Patty Fernandez Massage therapist; President and Executive Director, Main Street Players North Miami Beach 

     “I’m bringing flowers for the centerpiece,” Patty Fernandez said. “[I may bring] some cookies.”