Town Topics: What is your favorite phone app?

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Monday, September 19, 2022

JC Fernandez,  Miami Lakes, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Miami Lakes

     “It is my access to the MLS, MLS Access,” JC Fernandez said.  “[It stands for] Multiple Listing Service.  I have to know what is going on in my industry, and know what the home inventory is."

Alexandra Socorro, Miami Lakes, General Manager, Jumpstart Child Enrichment Center

     “So my favorite app is Canva,” Alexandra Socorro said.  “It’s an editing tool for anything social media related, or blog related. I use it all day long for work, for clubs, for anything.”

Franciso Tollinche, Miami Lakes, Small Business Consultant

     “I want say Trello,” Francisco Tollinche said.  “It’s an app for organizing and you basically create boards and you put all of your ideas into boards. [You can] create an entire team and share [ideas] with the team, run an entire business program [on the app].”

Mario Pinera Jr. , Miami Lakes, Chief Operating Officer, M.O.P. Auto Parts 

     “I would have to say right now with all that I do with the posting is Instagram,” Mario Pinera Jr. said.  “I’m a ‘grammer.”

Paola Gonzalez, Miami Lakes, Stay-at-home mom 

     “It depends,” Paola Gonzalez said.  “If it’s with my son, it’s the camera app to watch him all the time. If not, it’s definitely TikTok. I’m just mindlessly scrolling to get a brain break. A lot of it is mom stuff, activities for kids and the funny dances. I really just follow a lot of people who come up on my For You page. It’s pretty curated.”