Town Topics: Who will you remember on Memorial Day?

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Friday, May 17, 2024

Charles James  Part-time actor and model  Member, Miami Lakes Cultural Affairs Committee and Veterans Committee

Pembroke Pines 

     “I had a brother who was killed in Korea,” Charles James said. “Whenever I do speeches and stuff, I always mention him. I served in Vietnam twice and my family was always reluctant because of the death of my brother.” 

Gary Cardenas  Commander, American Legion Post 144; Member, Miami Lakes Veterans Committee; School Crossing Guard

Palm Springs North

     “We should recognize those who we don’t thank enough or think about enough, and that’s the families of the fallen,” Gary Cardenas said. “It’s not easy for them. We’re honoring our fallen on Memorial Day, but we need to think of those who are left behind.”

Ryan Nobel  Executive Director, 4KIDS, Inc. 


     “I had one grandfather who served, he is no longer with us and was in my life,” Ryan Nobel said. “Another grandad who served as well in the Korean War, he’s still alive. So, I always think of my two grandads.” 

Annette Hungler  Program Manager, Florida International University Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP

Unincorporated Miami-Dade County 

     “My father and my uncles on both sides of the family who served in Korea,” Annette Hungler said.  “My Uncle Jack in World War II, my Dad in Korea and some of my uncles in Vietnam.”

Pedro Fiallo Director of public relations and member of the Miami Lakes Elderly Affairs Committee and American Legion Post 144 

Member, Miami Lakes Veterans Committee 

Miami Lakes 

    “I was in the U.S. Army, and I will remember Charles Dorza, a four-star general, he was from Fort Knox, Kentucky. I served about six months with him,” Pedro Fiallo said. “He really helped soldiers like me do many things. He helped me to try to bring my wife to this country by writing a letter to the First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, who responded. Having that letter helped my wife when she came to this country.” 

     Alexandra Herrera interviewed and photographed our Town Topics talkers. Linda Trischitta interviewed Gary Cardenas and Tico Casamayor photographed Pedro Fiallo. We thank you all!