Veronica Fabricio serves as a Page at the state Capitol

Community By Linda Trischitta, Editor Thursday, February 29, 2024

     Veronica Fabricio served as a page in the Florida House of Representatives in Tallahassee in February when her father, Fla. Rep. Tom Fabricio, R-Miami Lakes, was working with other elected officials during the legislative session. 

     Veronica, 11, joined her father during the week of Feb. 12. The sixth grader led the Pledge of Allegiance on Feb. 15, her father said.

     The Florida House of Representatives Page and Messenger Program has provided 300 volunteer staffers to legislators annually since 1865, its website says. 

     Pages (students in grades six through eight) and messengers (grades nine through 12) must apply to a state representative and may be appointed by that official.

     Their duties include delivering messages and correspondence to legislators on the floor of the House or elsewhere in the Capitol and get to watch up close how government works. 

     They also participate in mock debates about bills and attend committee meetings and press conferences. 

     Chaperones may take the kids on tours to the governor’s mansion, the state Supreme Court and the Museum of Florida History.

     Participants must follow a strict dress code and behave discreetly to earn community service hours for the week. Students may also volunteer for more than one session. 

     The state senate also has a page program for high school students.

     Applications for the 2025 legislative session will become available after Election Day. 

     For more information on the house program go to, and to for the senate.

     Contact staffers on the respective websites to be notified when applications may become available.