Yenisey Cabrera -- Educator and a Realtor with The Keyes Company -- writes a children’s book

Education By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Wednesday, June 5, 2024

     After spending time with her young niece and nephew, Yenisey Cabrera came up with the premise of her first children’s book, “Snooky’s First Day in a New School.” 

     The softcover book follows a little brown, black and tan dog named Snooky as he begins classes at a new school.

     Snooky must cope with experiences that many kids -- or in this story, puppies -- may face. 

     Those challenges include being shy, having to make new doggie friends, wanting to fit in and facing his fears while introducing himself to the class. 

     Author Cabrera, 46, of Miami Lakes, is a Realtor at The Keyes Company in Miami Lakes

     She is also senior director of the Office of Academic Advisement & Student Success at Miami Regional University

     She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Barry University and attended the Gold Coast School for her real estate training. 

     Previously, she taught fourth and fifth grade students in Miami-Dade County Public Schools, experience that she drew upon for Snooky’s story.

     “It’s a quick read for anybody,” Cabrera said. “It’s a fun little reminder for adults [too], to be yourself.”

     While playing with nephew Nelson Noel Gonzalez and niece Emily Rose Gonzalez when they were very young, she made up a song with Emily’s stuffed dog to entertain them, Cabrera said. 

     The impromptu tune ended up becoming Snooky’s motto. 

     In the book, Snooky sings, “in life…when in doubt…you just have to dance…dance to the beat of the music…or to the music of the beat…” when he finally feels like he belongs with his new classmates. 

      A drawing by Emily Rose became the book’s cover art, with input from her brother.

     Cabrera self-published the book through Dorrance Publishing Company, which created the illustrations. 

     Snooky wears a cute blue backpack to class.

     Cabrera has no immediate plans for a sequel.

    “I just want to see how this goes,” Cabrera said. “The idea is to continue this as a series that Snooky would go through.” 

     “Snooky’s First Day in a New School” is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Dorrance Publishing,