John Pinilla recognized for saving life of Steak 2 patron

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 0 Comments

John Pinilla recognized for saving life of Steak 2 patron
A 15-year veteran restaurant manager at Shula’s Steak 2 on Main Street, John Pinilla, saved the life of a guest in late December.
A guest jumped from her seat in the restaurant and ran to the bathroom. Pinilla happened to see the guest and thought it was strange, so he walked to the restroom to check on her.
He knocked and proceeded into the ladies room where he found the lady turning blue and grabbing her throat about to pass out.
Pinilla quickly went behind her and on the third thrust using the Heimlich maneuver, the food shot out and the guest quickly recovered and did not request any additional medical attention.
Pinilla is a Miami Lakes resident and many Steak 2 regulars know him for being “Mr. Customer Service,” always with a smile on his face and quick to offer a warm hello.
Because of his quick thinking and successful training, Pinilla was able to save the life of another human being. A powerful positive development by someone who has fought three different battles with cancer over the past four years.
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