Gaucho’s Gourmet Market/Restaurant now open

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Gaucho’s Gourmet Market/Restaurant now open

The northeast corner lot of the newly renovated and busy Cypress Village Shopping Center is finally open for business. Gaucho’s Gourmet Market and Restaurant opened on October 25 and by the next day, the market was buzzing with a sizable lunchtime crowd. Word of mouth travels fast in Miami Lakes and the year-and-a-half long renovation and permit process for Gaucho’s made for antsy locals, eager to try the Argentinian market and restaurant. 

“During construction, we had nearly every 20 minutes a person ask us ‘when are you going to open?” said one of the three managing partners, Eddie Escobar. “The community has been truly amazing and excited for this.”

Gaucho’s brings Argentinian flair to Miami Lakes, named for the Argentinian cowboys ‘gaucho’, along with favorites from a handful of other countries known for their cuisine, such as Italy and Spain. 

A migration of Italians to Argentina in the early 20th century impacted the cooking resulting in similar dishes between both nations. It’s no surprise then that Gaucho’s forte is meats, cheeses, wine and pastas. 

Despite the menu, none of the managing partners are Argentinian or Italian. Escobar is Puerto Rican, Rick Cora is of Cuban descent, Shaukat Ali is from India, and Biagio Carpentieri is Venezuelan. However, Gaucho’s general manager Miguel Del Franco is Argentinian and the personable butcher, Pedro, is from Rosario, Argentina and always eager to speak with patrons who are made to feel like family. 

“We started Gaucho’s together because we really enjoyed the concept for a market and restaurant and we all love wine, meat, and empanadas,” said Escobar.

The foursome was in the process of trying to utilize a parcel of land purchased with the intention of expanding an aircraft business but after some thought, the managing partners decided to pursue their love for Argentinian and Italian cuisine and opened the first Gaucho’s location in Kendall four years ago. The location experienced enough popularity that the decision to open a second location came soon after. 

“We decided on Miami Lakes because this was a market and restaurant concept for Argentinian food that really wasn’t here,” said Escobar. “We thought that we could be that business for Miami Lakes.”

Locals have eagerly welcomed the market although some are unfamiliar with how the concept works. As a limited table service restaurant, Gaucho’s offers seating and delivers meals to tables, however patrons self-seat and put in their order at the register where they are given a number to display at their table.

The “Gaucho” process is explained in the first page of their menu, available to guests as soon as they walk through the doors. As patrons wait for their meals, they are free to browse the extensive wine selection, the deli, the butcher shop, or the bakery for any treats they may want to purchase. Everything in the market and on the menu is available as a to-go order that can be placed in person or by calling 305-384-1334. 

The menu offers classic breakfast options served daily until 11 a.m. and weekends until 11:30 a.m.The lunch and dinner menu is full of meat and fish dishes, most popular is the skirt steak that is extremely flavorful and tender. A variety of pasta dishes, burgers, salads, and soups are offered along with the traditional Argentinian “migas” which are thin sandwiches with the crusts cut off, topped with cheese and another item, such as tomato, ham, or an egg, and mayonnaise. There are also several different types of empanadas, sandwiches, and tapas. 

A grand opening celebration and ribbon-cutting is to be announced but the festivities will mirror the  Kendall location Gaucho’s Market’s anniversary parties which welcome between 800 to 1,000 visitors throughout the day. Visit Gaucho’s Gourmet Market and Restaurant at 7357 Miami Lakes Drive or preview the menu online at

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