New Goleman principal is well known locally

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New Goleman principal is well known locally


Barbara Goleman Senior High School (BGSHS) recently welcomed Dr. Manuel Sanchez III as the new principal. Sanchez has 24 years of experience in education, with 12 of those years being in administration. He’s worked in Miami Lakes as well as surrounding areas. Most notably, he was principal at Miami Lakes Middle School and Palm Springs North Elementary School. He was also an assistant principal at Carol City Middle School and teacher at Miami Park Elementary School.

“I taught students that were labelled severely or emotionally disturbed. It was fourth and fifth grade, and I taught math and science to those students,” Sanchez said. “It was awesome. It was tough, but very rewarding. Some of them are doing great, and one of them is actually working at the Publix here in Miami Lakes.”

In addition to earning his doctorate degree at Barry University for special education with an area of concentration in leadership, Sanchez has received many honors and awards. 

In 2016, Sanchez was awarded Principal of the Year in Miami-Dade County Public Schools. He was also Assistant Principal of the Year for middle school the same year his school was ranked the number one middle school in Miami-Dade, and number one, Title One middle school in the state of Florida. He was named educator of the year, and has even earned a proclamation from the town of Miami Lakes. 

Starting from elementary school, Sanchez has experienced what student life is like every step of the way until middle school. Being administrator at BGSHS is his first time seeing students at a high school level. 

“I think the coolest thing is, I’ve been there from the beginning, I’ve been there for the middle, and now I kind of want to see the end. Certain kids we have here we’ve had since elementary school, they kind of followed me. It’s a neat thing,” Sanchez commented. 

With the new school year that began August 20, Sanchez already has big plans for the high school. In addition to growing their magnet program, Sanchez is also enforcing uniforms for students, opening the school library, adding security measures for student safety and adding more activities and events. 

Dual enrollment will also be modified. Instead of students going off campus for their college courses, Sanchez plans on teachers earning credentials to become professors for local universities, so students can stay in Miami Lakes and still earn college credits. 

“I want to grow the magnet program and the school. I want to be state-of-the art in academics as well as activities. We get the best of both worlds,” he laughed as he hummed Hannah Montana’s hit song, ‘Best of Both Worlds.’

With all the years of experience under his belt however, one thing remains constant for Sanchez – first-day-of-school jitters. 

“I look forward to that first day of school. Seeing all the kids, and just sitting in the cafeteria, walking and meeting everyone. I looked forward to that,” remarked Sanchez. “When those kids come in, you don’t sleep on Sunday, because no matter how many years you do it, you’re nervous and anxious. It’s like the first day of school when you were a kid. It’s even more heightened because it’s a new school for me. No matter how many years you’re in the system, that Sunday before school starts is always butterflies in your stomach, and it’s really exciting.”

Nora Bueno, previously the assistant principal alongside Sanchez at Miami Lakes Middle School, will be joining him as BGSHS’s newest assistant principal. Bueno, like Sanchez, is looking forward to the new school year at BGSHS.

“The best part about being principal is getting to know all the students of the school,” explained Sanchez. “It’s neat to see the kids grow throughout the years.”

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