Sea Scouts finish 3rd in their first regatta

Sports By Linda Trischitta, Editor Friday, November 17, 2023

     Eight sailors from Sea Scouts Ship 144 competed in the Shake-A-Leg Miami Columbus Day Regatta.

     The teams sailed on two Freedom class ships in Biscayne Bay off the coast of Coconut Grove, said Sean Schwinghammer, a mate with the scouts who are based in Miami Lakes. 

     One scout sailboat, the crew of ship #7 known as the Hammer Heads, sailed to a 3rd place finish in their division, he said. 

     The Hammer Heads’ boat was piloted by Scouts Aidan Schwinghammer, 15, and Kevin Hernandez, 16. 

     Sean Schwinghammer was captain; his wife Adriana Schwinghammer served as mate.

     It was a hot day and the morning was mostly windless for 50 sailboats, Schwinghammer said.

     Sailboats from Shake-a-Leg were towed to the starting line and things got exciting when the wind picked up.

     The scouts managed the sails, steered with the tiller and followed compass readings as they read the wind, Schwinghammer said. 

     The Sea Scouts had never placed in a regatta of that type before, he said.