Salata Salad Kitchen kicks off at grand opening

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Salata Salad Kitchen kicks off at grand opening
Salata Salad Kitchen, located at 7491 Miami Lakes Drive in the Cypress Village Shopping Center, celebrated its grand opening on April 25. Joined by hundreds of guests including Mayor Manny Cid and Vice Mayor Nelson Rodriguez. This is the first Salata restaurant in Miami and just the second in Florida.
Salata first began in Texas. Founders Berge Simonian and Tony Kyoumjian saw that people were very interested in salads and that is when Salata was born. Salata is not your average salad bar, it is a new concept salad bar where you build your own salad and customize it with over 50 toppings to choose from. All of the dressings are signature, they can’t be bought anywhere.
Salata doesn’t have a set menu, it has a display that shows the different prices in sizes and add-ons. The restaurant offer salads and wraps with so many options for protein as well. There is also have a “tea tap” section which looks interesting because it looks like beer on tap, instead it has different teas as well as lemonades.
The Salata team takes pride in the way they present themselves. Everything is measured to a tee and you can expect that at any Salata you visit. They have carefully created an atmosphere like no other. Everything that goes out is made daily, employees arrive early each morning to cook everything. They have separate work stations so that there is no cross contamination between the gluten free food and non gluten free foods.
The team allows customers to sample everything because they want to make sure the customer likes what they’re eating. Each item has the name and calorie count, it also displays whether it is vegan or gluten free. They have a large see-through glass that allows customers to see each product without being able to touch it or talk over it, to prevent contamination.
For many employees, Salata is a family. They love going to work and truly feel like their job is in a family style environment. Franchise owner Nabeel Ansaari plans on opening 20 more Salata’s in Florida. He choose Miami Lakes because it is a growing community and he thought it would fit in with the people around town.
Twenty-five percent of the profits from the grand opening were donated to The Education Fund. There was also an appearance representatives of the Orange Bowl and the Orange Bowl mascot, Obie.
Salata in Miami Lakes is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information call (305) 631-2378.
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