Pace Starletts work for a shinning new season

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Pace Starletts work for a shinning new season
The Pace Starletts look forward to a bright new season. “The work is worth it!” said senior, Anais Gonzalez. This is the mindset that the Starlettes will uphold and continue to carry out throughout the summer. After holding tryouts at the end of the school year, the Starlettes are eager to start working together as a new team.

The team commenced their training with a “Starlettes Boot-Camp”, which consisted of a week and a half of high intensity training. To grow as well-rounded dancers during this camp, they not only worked on their dance technique, but they also prepared intensely with their own personal trainer, who challenged their athleticism.

Additionally, they worked with an acrobatics instructor that helped them learn skilled tricks, which they plan on showcasing to the school body this season. We cannot forget to mention the tremendous amount of team bonding the team participated in to grow stronger together.

All of this training helped the Starlettes in preparation for the National Dance Alliance Camp (NDA). NDA Camp was the first large event as a team. This was a four day, three night camp filled with an elite curriculum including team dances and individual routines. The Starlettes loved this camp because it was an opportunity to focus on dance, expand their artistic knowledge and bond with other high school dance teams that also attended this camp.

Moreover, this camp determined if the dancers would receive a bid to nationals. Not only did they acquire their bid, but they took multiple prizes home. This experience has helped the Starlettes truly prepare for an upcoming successful year. The Pace community is extremely excited for their Starlettes and the bright year that awaits them.
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