Spanish Lake Elementary welcomes new principal

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 0 Comments

Spanish Lake Elementary welcomes new principal
The Spanish Lake Elementary (SLE) family welcomes their new principal, Milko Brito, who comes to them from Mae M. Walters Elementary School.
Brito is a homebred MD-CPS product. Born in Cuba, he came to Miami at the age of eight with his parents and an older brother. He attended Kinlock Park Elementary School, Coral Gables Senior . High, Miami-Dade and completed his Bachelor and Masters’ Degrees in Educaion. Leadership at FIU.
Upon arriving to the US, he nor his family spoke a word of English. Ms. Garcia was his first teacher at Kinlock Park who watched over him and continually collaborated educationally. At home, his parents spoke not a word of English. They valued education and they would drive him to succeed. They could not help him with his homework or schoolwork. He persevered to obtain his educational success.
Initially, Brito thought he would like to become an architect. After his first class, his interest waned. He always remembered Garcia and how she made his arrival in America so much easier and he dreamed of paying it forward. Growing up, he was there to make someone’s life better. Thus, he decided to take one education class and he was hooked...he could help kids!
He began his career in education as a teacher at James H. Bright Elementary School. He then served in the capacity of an assistant principal at Lawton Chiles Middle School and Brentwood Elementary School.
Brito is an excellent, knowledgeable communicator and an effective listener who encourages open dialogue and interaction with students, staff, and parents. His work ethics are evidenced through his being an impeccable teacher and an impeccable administrator. He credits his high standards and work ethics to his parents. His mom held down three jobs and his dad worked four in order to provide a better life for his brother and him. He now mirrors the same standards in his relationships with others.

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