Mater Gardens Academy marks winter break with 'Bookabration' parade

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Mater Gardens Academy marks winter break with 'Bookabration' parade

When winter break rolls around, schools usually hold an end-of-the-year celebration with singing and dancing; Mater Gardens Academy has a different holiday send-off for students and their parents. 

Since 2008, the school has its annual Bookabration Parade, a fun and educational event where each grade is assigned a specific author and students are invited to dress up as a character inspired by one of their books. 

Unlike usual school Christmas traditions, Mater Gardens hosts this creative way to commemorate the joy of reading. Outside the campus in the bus loop, the street in front of the school is usually closed to host all students, faculty, staff and even parents during the festivity. In addition to dressing up, students are also taught about their selected authors in unit studies during class. 

The parade is overseen by principal Lourdes Isla Marrero, assistant principal Pilar Mayte Fernandez Rives, coordinator and first grade teacher Janely Santi as well as the many other teachers and staff. 

“Education is not only about learning that takes place inside of the classroom, but about interactions and experiences beyond the classroom,”  Pilar Fernandez-Rives said. “Bookabration provides students with the rich experience to portray classic literary works and to enjoy the process of representing the books outside of the classroom.”

The parade begins with the oldest grade and descends down to Pre-K. Dozens of eighth graders were dressed up as greasers and socks as part of S.E. Hinton’s classic “The Outsiders.” Followed by fairy tale characters from “Brothers’ Grimm and The Seven Habits Of Happy Kids” by Sean Covey. 

“This is a time for celebrating everything we love,” Marrero said. “Books have the power to take us to another world. They have the power to make us smarter and creative, that’s why we take the time to celebrate them.”

As Pocahontas’ “Colors Of The Wind” started blasting through a stereo, fifth graders representing “Blood Of The River” by Elisa Carbone marched through the bus loop. Miss Spider made a special appearance with dangling legs and all during one class’s adaptation of Ronald Dahl’s “James and the Giant Peach.” Third graders made a splash while representing Mary Pope Osborne, and one class’s portrayal of “My Many Colored Days” by Dr. Seuss earned cheers from the entire crowd when they released dozens of multicolored balloons during their turn to march. 

“It was an honor to put such an amazing event together alongside the wonderful teachers, assistants, and interventionist in our committee. Instilling a love for reading is a constant goal here at MGA along with fun,” exclaimed Bookabration coordinator Santi. “Who doesn’t love a parade?”

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