David Marks named new boxing coach at Shula's Athletic Club

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David Marks named new boxing coach at Shula's Athletic Club


David Marks may be new at Shula’s Athletic Club, but he has almost 50 years of experience in boxing. Marks was a professional boxer up until the 1970’s, but has continued his passion for the hobby long since then. He’s taught around the globe, and has made his way to teaching the sport at Miami Lakes. 

Marks began his journey teaching at the Canal Zone Penitentiary in Panama in the early 70’s where he was temporarily assigned as a corrections officer. Before that, he turned pro in the mid 60’s, even boxing in Panama in the years before he began working for the prison.

“When I walked into my first day at the penitentiary, all the cons knew me,” reminisced Marks. “Boxing is a big deal in Panama. A lot of them saw me fight before,” 

Warden Walter E. Trout decided to include Marks in an experimental boxing program for the inmates. Soon enough, the program progressed to include U.S. Army boxers and even world champion professionals who participated in sparring and boxing exhibitions with the prisoners.

Once the Panama Canal Treaty was ratified, Marks moved to Israel in the late 1980’s. There, he taught boxing to kids in a bomb shelter that was later turned into a gym.

“It was nice,” Marks said. “It was really beyond what I’d imagine.”

Shortly after, Marks moved back to the states and continued teaching at the South Florida Boxing gym facility in North Miami Beach. He was elected into the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame as a coach, and worked as a community service officer in the Hollywood Police Department. 

“I was retired, but I didn’t really want to retire,” Marks laughed. 

Currently at Shula’s, Marks teaches all possible age groups, and trains according to the necessary difficulty level. Anyone can join, and anyone can learn how to box like a pro. For more information about the program at Shula’s, visit clubshula.com or call (305)820-8025.

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