Miami Lakes Cub Scout Pack 660 celebrates 50th anniversary

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Miami Lakes Cub Scout Pack 660 celebrates 50th anniversary


For 50 years, Cub Scout Pack 660 has helped the young boys of Miami Lakes learn the fundamentals of adventure and what it truly means to be an active citizen. 

 “The Pack” offers a variety of programs for boys in kindergarten through fifth grade. Instead of phones, tablets or video games, the pack encourages children and their families to focus more on moral values, leadership, fitness and good character. 

 “What you learn from scouting is the values you want your children to have when they become young men. It’s not about winning, it’s about doing the right thing. It’s about advancing, but there’s no competition. You’re advancing for yourself and really, it’s about having stupid fun,” said Sean Schwinghammer, current Cub Master and den leader. 

 Schwinghammer has been part of the pack since 16 years ago, when his now 22-year-old son joined Cub Scouts in first grade. Now his youngest son is following his brother’s footsteps to eventually become an Eagle Scout as well. 

 As leader, Schwinghammer is responsible for boys’ advancements and creating a program that scouts and families will enjoy. On top of being part of the pack, Schwinghammer is a Miami Lakes resident and has been a town activist for 25 years. 

 “I’m very proud to be a part of it, to be honest. I’m very excited to be as well,” said Schwinghammer. 

 Cub Scout Pack 660 is charted to the Miami Lakes Methodist Church, and is affiliated with Miami Lakes K-8 Center. Since the first day the pack was founded in Miami Lakes, the main focus has always been family and has strived to serve the community. In addition to activities that adhere to their code, the scouts travel and camp in a places they’ve never been to before. 

 “We foster good memories. Some of them with boogers,” he chuckled. “Some of them with swimming with alligators, or getting lost on a hike. What we do is expose children to a better way to be, and they love it. They absolutely love it.”

 The pack serves their community by participating in every Veterans parade and park cleanup. The scouts also build their own model cars or boats and race them, they even learn how to survive the outdoors alone. With the existence of modern technology and video games, it’s not commonplace to see children engaging in such rigorous activities, but it gives them a chance to break through the comfort zone of a screen. 

 “It’s been a real joy. People always say ‘you’re a real boy scout’ and they say it as a negative, but it shows a positive aspect that you’re going to do the right thing every time,” explained Schwinghammer. 

 If your child is interested in joining the Cub Scout Pack 660, they are invited to attend a Pack meeting at Miami Lakes United Methodist Church, 14800 Ludlum Road. 

 “This fiftieth anniversary is a big deal,” explained Schwinghammer. “There isn’t anybody who hasn’t been involved with scouting one way or the other. Even the oldest residents say ‘You’re with 660? I used to be a den leader!’ Everywhere you go, especially older people know because scouting has always been a fundamental part of this community. It’s just cool that way.”

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