Pace High welcomes Freshmen with traditional first week events

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 0 Comments

Pace High welcomes Freshmen with traditional first week events


Freshmen and seniors from Monsignor Edward Pace High School (Pace) participated in the school’s annual Freshmen Welcome Week. The tradition dates back to 1964, and the main focus is to help the new Spartans adjust to Pace, their home away from home for the next four years. 

Festivities opened on September 4 with a meet-and-greet between seniors and freshmen. Both classes received “Incredibles 2” themed t-shirts to be worn throughout the week. The senior shirts read “We are incredible" while the freshmen shirts read “Training to be incredible.” The entire school then celebrated the annual Salt and Light Mass, where students prayed together for the new school year.

The following day, freshmen and seniors competed in the lunch time games, and freshmen had the opportunity to participate in a Club Fair where they received information on Pace’s numerous clubs and organizations. 

Thursday was devoted to a lively and colorful dress-up day. On this day, the seniors and freshmen displayed their creations before a panel of judges, and a group dressed as the cast of the TV show, Jersey shore, took the prize for the most creative costumes.

The week ended with the senior and freshmen olympics. Here, representatives from both levels competed in various games and an entertaining dance-off challenge. Although the class of 2022 proved to be strong competitors, the seniors celebrated their victory over the freshmen class.

Traditions like freshmen welcome week are just one of the many activities that Pace will always carry on and cherish. It allows new students to begin their high school years in a warm and inviting environment, while creating lifelong memories.

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