Miami-Dade School Board revises and updates Student Conduct Code emphasizing safe learning environment

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 0 Comments

To ensure a safe learning environment and violent-free learning place, the Miami-Dade County School Board adopted a newly-revised Code of Student Conduct (COSC), which is aligned to recent local, state, and federal mandates with an emphasis on promoting a safe learning environment to ensure academic success.
The COSC sets the standards of conduct expected of students in a purposeful safe learning environment in which the principles of care, courtesy and respect for the rights of others is valued. 
The move was a state requirement for public schools in Florida in the wake of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting massacre in Parkland where confused killer Nikolas Cruz killed 17 students and teachers and injured 17 others last year on Valentine Day’s
After the shooting, state lawmakers imposed new laws to ensure safety among students and teachers and programs for students battling mental health issues.
To prevent violence at schools, Miami-Dade County Public Schools revised the COSC in hopes of easing the fears of parents, students, administrators and teachers.
Most of the COSC revisions focus on the following:
• Scope of Authority
• Values Matter Recognition
• Behaviors and Range of Corrective Strategies
• Bullying and Harassment
• Off-campus conduct
• Threat of Violence
• Under the Influence
• Use of Technology and Computer-related offenses
• Zero Tolerance Policy
• Assignment to an Alternative Education Setting
• Denial of Participating in Social and Extracurricular Activities
• Denial of Bus Privileges
• Manifestation Determination Procedures
• Mental Health Services
• New Glossary Terms
The COSC highlights that threats and other behaviors committed on or off the school campus may be violations of the COSC and Florida law. Any violations may result in disciplinary actions imposed by local law enforcement authorities, in addition to those of the school/district.  
Now, parents/guardians, students, teachers, school site administrators can access the COSC by visiting
In addition, schools will be sending all parents/guardians a letter regarding the newly adopted COSC along with a copy of the Acknowledgement of Receipt and Review.

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