Spanish Lakes Elementary students and staff create tribute to Parkland victims

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 0 Comments

Spanish Lakes Elementary students and staff create tribute to Parkland victims


After the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas's (MSD) tragedy on February 14, the staff at Spanish Lake Elementary (SLE) knew they would be facing a sensitive and challenging situation in the days to come with students and their families. Through teamwork, courage, compassion, empathy and the support they found in one another, the staff reaffirmed that the world is a good place. 

The SLE family prides itself in doing everything possible to have systems in place to keep students safe. The SLE staff emphasizes that if a student sees something they must say something to a teacher, guidance counselor, administrator or parent. This includes bullying, harassment, exclusion, aggressive or hurtful behavior.

A group of 3rd grade teachers decided to help turn this tragedy into a teachable moment by uniting the school to a “pay it forward.” With the guidance from the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), they designed an #MSDStrong t-shirt. The PTA made the shirts available to students, staff and family members which are now worn proudly in support of MSD.

SLE raised $4,700 in their honor. The shirts were first introduced on March 14, and will be worn on the 14 of each month in solidarity with the victims of Parkland. 

On March 14, the students took on a challenge from superintendent Alberto Carvalho and SLE principal Jacqueline Arias-Gonzalez to discuss 14 ways a student can be kind to another student and three ways to be kind to an adult to commemorate those who lost their lives at MSD.


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