Com. Bovo endorses 154th Street Bridge Park

Thursday, March 14, 2019 0 Comments

Com. Bovo endorses 154th Street Bridge Park
Miami Lakes’ efforts to build a bridge park over N.W. 154 Street just got a major boost from Miami-Dade County Commissioner Esteban Bovo Jr.
Bovo endorsed the town’s proposed project despite talks the county is planning to place an I-75 interchange at Miami Lakes Drive to alleviate traffic congestion for Hialeah residents.
Miami Lakes threatened legal action against the county if it proceeds with any plans to open up the bridge without its input since the town and Hialeah have a legal binding agreement to keep the roadway closed.
The agreement stemmed from Hialeah’s successful quest to annex a large piece of land west of Miami Lakes in 2004.
During a press conference near the site of the proposed project, Bovo said the town has his full support for the bridge park.
“As county commissioner serving this area, I commit to the council and mayor that I will be supportive of their efforts to make a park here for resident to use and enjoy,” said Bovo, who was flanked by Mayor Manny Cid, Vice Mayor Nelson Rodriguez, Councilmembers Josh Dieguez and Carlos Alvarez, Town Manager Edward Pidermann and Deputy Town Manager Tony Lopez. “I’m hoping that something will be here for generations to come.”
Bovo, who’s rumored to be running for county mayor in 2020, acknowledged Rodriguez, who’s the brainchild for the bridge park.
“It was something he saw in another community and basically recreated it here,” Bovo said. “I will be supporting the town’s effort to make a park here.”
Cid said Bovo’s support is a big victory for Miami Lakes.
“Today is a great day for the Town of Miami Lakes as this project continues to move forward,” Cid said. “The entire town council has always been behind this and having the commissioner’s support means a lot because it will change this whole area in Northwest Miami-Dade. “It’s a true game changer.”
Cid, too, commended Rodriguez for his efforts to build a bridge park over N.W. 154 Street.
“Vice Mayor Rodriguez saw similar projects in Ocala and other cities and how converting regional parks adds value to the communities,” Cid said, as he pointed to a rendering of the proposed bridge park. “This is what the park will look like in the future, which will connect to the western portion of Hialeah.”
Rodriguez said the town took a huge step towards the Miami Lakes bridge park with Bovo’s support.
“A few years ago, I had the idea of turning the 154 Street bridge over 1-75 into a linear park,” Rodriguez said. “A big thanks goes to our present and previous council members as well as to our town staff who have never given up on this project. And a big thanks to Commissioner Bovo for supporting the bridge park.”
Cid said the next big goal is securing funding for the project to make it a reality.
“We are working hard as we can to bring it to fruition,” Cid said. “ It has a price tag, which will be discussed by the county and residents in the future.”
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