Goleman softball team second in District

Thursday, April 4, 2019 0 Comments

Goleman softball team second in District
Before the start of Spring Break, Barbara Goleman High’s softball team was second in its district with a 12-1, 4-1 record while squashing most of the competition.
Now its back to business as the Gators prepare for the last stretch of the regular season starting with another district showdown rematch with Hialeah Miami Lakes (7-3, 7-3) this week.
The Gators won the first district game, 9-2, and are seeking to take over the division with Miami Springs in the top spot.
Goleman defeated the Golden Hawks 4-3 before Miami Springs returned the favor with a 14-0 victory.
The two teams could meet in the tournament for the district championship.
After Hialeah Miami Lakes, the Gators face Northwestern, Jackson, Varela, North Miami Beach, Mater Lakes Academy, Westland Hialeah and Hialeah to close out the regular season.
The Golden Hawks face the Generals, Chargers, Chiefs, Coral Park and Westland Hialeah to end their regular season and hope to enter the district tournament as the No. 1 seed.
The Trojans are also seeking to finish the regular season strong and win the district despite being swept by Miami Springs and perhaps Goleman following their game on April 2.

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