Firefighter makes first ace at Miami Lakes Golf Course

Sports By Linda Trischitta, Editor Thursday, January 20, 2022

    Paul Abolafia, a driver engineer with the City of Hialeah Fire Dept. recorded his first ace on the 110-yard 5th hole at the newly renamed Miami Lakes Golf Club on Jan. 6.  Abolafia, shown at center above, used a pitching wedge. His playing partners that day were Ben Ruiz, a retired firefighter with the Hialeah Fire Dept., at left, and at right, firefighter Edwin Barnes, a current member of the Hialeah Fire...

Workout: To do at home, in the gym or on the go

Sports By Paula Liu, Yoga Instructor, Miami Lakes Athletic Club Thursday, January 20, 2022

     The Chair pose aka Utkatasana      The Chair pose is a low squatting, standing asana.        The pose strengthens the muscles of the arms and the legs and will also stimulate the diaphragm and heart.      This pose may look simple because you are sitting in an imaginary chair!        But it requires the strength of your arms, legs and torso...

Miami Lakes woman sets fitness goal and wins

Sports By Erika Pesantes, Reporter Friday, January 7, 2022

   During the past two years, Estefania Figueiredo wasn’t feeling well, so she turned to fitness to get strong.      “I really was not in an optimal shape,” said Figueiredo, 31, a human resources consultant for a health care company who lives in Miami Lakes. “I was at a point in my life where I was just not happy.       “On the inside I wasn’t feeling...

Workout: To do at home, in the gym or on the go

Sports By Ricky Ali, Personal Trainer, Miami Lakes Athletic Club Thursday, January 6, 2022

The Farmer’s Carry is a full-body movement with weights. 1.  You will use just about every muscle to perform this exercise. 2.  Grasp a pair of dumbbells or Kettlebells or any heavy object that you can carry. Hold one in each hand. 3.  Stand tall with good “military posture,” in other words keep your entire body rigid and tight.  4.  Begin by bringing one knee up to where the leg forms a...

Dade Christian School revives soccer program

Sports By David L. Snelling, Reporter Monday, December 20, 2021

 To jumpstart its future, Dade Christian School’s soccer program looked to the past.      On hiatus since 2016, Dade Christian restarted the program this season and hired alumnus Marino Torrens, Jr. as its new head coach.      Torrens, 31, helped the Crusaders to a district championship during his senior season in 2008.        He was hired to help oversee the programs at...
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