Town Council recognizes community members

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 0 Comments

Town Council recognizes community members


After Frances Suarez was elected the new mayor for the City of Miami, he shared his vision to convert the city of about 300,000 residents into the Global Capital of the world. The top priority to accomplishing his goal is public safety, and the mayor appointed Miami Lakes resident Jorge Colina as the city’s new police chief to make sure Miami is the safest place in the country.

At the February 6 Miami Lakes Town Council meeting, Mayor Manny Cid recognized Colina not only as a Miami Lakes resident but the man in charge of a huge task to help Suarez turn Miami into a Global city.

“It starts with public safety to be able to build on that,” Cid said. “The mayor found a good police chief to lead Miami in its new phase.”

Cid said he is optimistic that Colina will get the job done which is a reflection on Miami Lakes.

"If the city is a successful, Miami Lakes is successful,” Cid said.

Colina said he’s up to the challenge and will continue to help keep Miami Lakes as a safe city as well.

“I’ve worked for the city of Miami for 28 years and I love it and it means the world to me,” Colina said. “But I live in Miami Lakes. This is my town. We will make the city of Miami a safe city as well as Miami Lakes.”

Colina is a 20-year resident of Miami Lakes and is married with two children.

Also recognized was Miami Police Sergeant Sergio Diaz who is now the new Executive Officer for the Miami Police. He was promoted to the position on January 20 where he serves as the assistant to Chief Colina. Diez is an 18-year resident of Miami Lakes, also married with two children.

Another honoree at the Council meeting was Joel Rodriguez who was recognized for his extraordinary accomplishments as the director of Player Personnel for the University of Miami Hurricanes football team. Rodriguez is also known as the keeper of “The Turnover Chain” which every UM defensive player strives to wear around their neck.


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