'The Geezers' play in Senior Games softball match

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'The Geezers' play in Senior Games softball match


Miami Lakes Elderly Affairs Committee’s 12th annual Senior Games continued on January 31 with the annual Softball Contest at Miami Lakes Optimist Park. The event featured the “Homesters” and “Visitors” teams, all players commonly known as “The Geezers” who play twice every week at the park.

Pilots coming in for a landing at Opa Locka Airport probably were surprised to see “giant lemon drops” at Optimist Park. In reality, it was the Geezer’s new bright yellow 2018 Senior Games shirts.

The event attracted 30 players with 28 being drafted to the two starting lineups:

Visitors – Angel Hernandez, Felix Chinea, Jose Caballero, Juan Iglesias, Bob Jones, Carlos (CarGo) Gonzalez, Fred (F Rod) Rodriguez, Jose Rivera, Hugo Blandon, 82-year-old Peter Fishel, Oscar Sauri, Bruce Davidson, Andres Clavijo and Frank Weber (plus Mary and Sherry, the brides.)

Homesters – Alfredo (A Rod) Rodriguez, Jesus Aviles, Ernie Garcia, David Leon, Luis Santi, Iggy Escandon, Pastor Luis Acosta, John McMahon, Julio Pumariega, Lee Collins, 83-year-old Victor Fernandez, 81-year-old Alberto Sordo-Ramos, 91-year-old Juan Campiz, and Terry (TKO) Kushi (plus mascots Rocky and Loli).

Ernesto Lima was catcher for both teams and Dave Oliver was the official score keeper. Luisito Calderin, who is on injured reserve, was the official photographer and Nathalie Garcia represented the Town of Miami Lakes.

  For the Homesters, who won the game, 12-7. Escandon led the way with a perfect 3 for 3 at the plate, while Aviles, Acosta, McMahon and Collins each went 2 for 2. As a team, the Homesters rapped out 18 hits in 41 plate appearances for a respectable .439 average.

For the Visitors, Hernandez and Chinea led the way, each going 3 for 4. Caballero, Fred Rodriguez, and Blandon each had 2 hits in 3 at bats. As a team, the Visitors banged out 17 hits in 44 trips for a healthy .386 average.

For his perfect day at the plate, including a mammoth homer, Escandon was named the game’s MVP.

The Visitors were presented with pins and Red ribbons for second place. The winning Homesters squad was awarded pins and Blue ribbons with loud applause from their fans, and dogs.


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