Dade Christian School sets Homecoming starting Jan. 29

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Dade Christian School sets Homecoming starting Jan. 29


Celebrations did not end at the holiday season at Dade Christian School. Homecoming, a significant part of the school’s traditions, will be commemorated starting Monday, January 29.

Although the school’s first graduating class was in 1967, Homecoming traditions didn’t start until the mid 70s. 

Students enjoy a whole week of dressing-down with a daily change in theme. This year, students will be able to dress up as their favorite Internet memes, along with a tacky tourist day and a day dedicated to dressing as a continent their grade was assigned to. 

“They absolutely love it and look forward to it every year,” Marketing director Rene Gonzalez said. 

The exciting events of the week end with a basketball game along with carnival-like game booths and bounce houses at night. Alumni are invited to the game with their own VIP tent and food spread. All grades even gather at the gym for their pep rally, where all students wear their game-ready homecoming shirts. 

Parents are also part of the fun. Not only do they help in their child’s elaborate dress-down day costumes, but they also hold a hallway decorating competition. Moms and dads are also invited to join the pep rally alongside students and staff. 

Of course, homecoming would not be complete without its king and queen. Homecoming court and announcements are voted on during weekends leading up to the main event. The Alumni of the Year is also elected, and winners are announced on game day. 

A basketball all-star from seasons is Brock Stephenson, class of 2016, who now plays for University of Central Florida. Basketball isn’t Dade Christian’s only forte; other alumni that have continued their passion through college are Paul McIntosh, class of ’16 who now plays baseball for University of West Virginia and Ivan Arenas, another ’16 grad who plays soccer for Barry University. They’ve also been successful in Volleyball, winning the 2016 FCAA Volleyball State champions. 

“It is definitely about the game, but more than that, It’s about school spirit and being proud of the family we are and the mission our school practices.” Gonzalez said. 

Senior students are in charge of the whole ordeal, Coming up with the different themes and creating events that are planned in advance to have every grade involved. Middle schoolers and upperclassmen have the final decision as to which day hosts which theme. 

The basketball game will take place at the school’s gymnasium at 6:30 p.m. with games and booths starting at 4:30 p.m. on February 2. For more information, visit


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