Reading of original play A Life Worth Saving on August 17-18

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Main Street Players (MSP) presents a reading of “A Life Worth Saving,” an original play by Robert Coppel, the troupe’s retiring artistic director. The reading will run Friday, August 17 and Saturday, August 18 at 8 p.m.

It’s a hot summer day on Miami Beach in 1984, and Sylvia Levin fighting for her life as she suffers a heart attack. Before she can get the medical help she needs, she is accosted by Ronald Baker, who instead of helping her, steals her purse.

This sets in motion the case of the State of Florida versus Baker and the first prosecution in South Florida using homicide by heart attack as the theory of the case. 

The cast includes: 

Stage directions and Willie Frazier played by Kent Harris.

Sylvia Levin/ Sarge played by Fern Katz.

Mr. Zimet/Frank and the Bailiff played by Dennis Lyzniak.

Ronald Baker played by Ruben Paillere on August 17, and Roderick Randle on August 18.

Detective Mathers played by Mark Kroczynski.

Lisa Miller played by Amy Brienes.

Brad Epstein played by Zack Myers.

Judge Pedro Gonzalez played by Oliver Morales.

Paramedic/Dr. Gittleman played by Brian McCormack.

The reading is free, but a suggested donation of $10 will go to Coppel’s colleague, assistant public defender Dayana Nogareda, to help pay her medical bills in her fight against cancer. The play will be held at Main Street Playhouse located at 6766 Main Street.


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