Hialeah Gardens Middle School names Coach Peter Rodriguez top rookie teacher

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 0 Comments

Hialeah Gardens Middle School names Coach Peter Rodriguez top rookie teacher
Coach Peter Rodriguez, recently named Hialeah Gardens Middle School’s 2019 Rookie Teacher of the Year, does not give off the vibe of a novice. Perhaps that’s because he’s the son and brother of teachers and has been around educators his entire life. Whatever the case, he understands that physical education must be approached comprehensively in order to benefit the whole child: mind, body and spirit.
Consider this a challenge to find a rookie physical education teacher who utilizes a more effective scientific approach to learning. His mentor, a science teacher, describes him as “a breath of fresh air” and a model for why physical education plays an important role in the education of middle schoolers.
While teaching athletics, he wants them to understand how specific activities can positively impact their brains. Rodriguez enjoys teaching students how consuming healthy foods as children can have a long term effect on their bodies. He takes the time during interdisciplinary planning to meet with his peers and learn how he can make these real world connections for students across multiple disciplines.
Aside from coaching and assisting with volleyball, cross country, basketball and softball, Rodriguez’s character really became evident this past summer. When the school lost its sponsor for the junior police cadets, many students who were looking to belonging would’ve been left behind. Instead, he volunteered to take on the challenge of sponsoring the group.
Not only did he sponsor the club, he also helped them fundraise for uniforms, bring in guest speakers from local police departments and he’s also planning a trip for these students to visit Washington, D.C., many of them have never left South Florida! Many observe Rodriguez demonstrating this type of leadership on a daily basis.
Although he’s a new teacher, this rookie is not afraid to take on challenges and work with fellow educators to provide the best for his students. As such, he has earned the respect of the Hialeah Gardens Middle School family and they are proud to give him their highest commendation.

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