Bob Graham Educational Center's Jump Rope team competes well

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 0 Comments

Bob Graham Educational Center's Jump Rope team competes well


The USA Jump Rope Regionals took place at the Miami Springs Recreation Center on April 28. This competition is a necessary step to qualify for the national tournament in Wisconsin.

Thirteen members of the Bobcat Jumpers team from Bob Graham Educational Center (BGEC) competed to win and qualify for the national championship. They participated in four different age groups (8 - 11), and a total of 32 different events. Out of 96 first, second and third places in dispute, they won. Ranking 18 first, 22 second and 22 third places. 

This amount accounts for a 65 percent of all possible titles. Most of the team was competing for the first time at this level of competition against much more experienced competitors. The team's outstanding performance was the result of their effort to prepare for this competition. The BGEC administration offered special thanks to coach Onelio Martinez for his commitment, dedication and relentless efforts in having a successful jump rope team.

Team members that participated included Rosalie Ortega, Samantha Rodriguez, Karina Paiz, Valeria Hernandez, Gabriela Arencibia, Camila Gonzalez, Sarah Pous, Marisol Lopez, Kristina Martinez, Krystal Martinez and Jasmine Uz.

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